Lino Sprizzi was born in Rome, 62 years ago and he get his first 24x36 camera when he was 14. He started taking photographs, and at the same time he started to study the light and the image composition. Very early he understands, following his feelings, that his very deep interest was to shot, so he went on the street taking pictures of everything and everybody was in front of his 35mm lens. At the age of 22 he meets the Italian photo reporter Mario De Renzis, who changed his way to see and to tell a story trough a frame. Following him on his work, Lino matured his need to meet different people and approaching different cultures and photography was the right way to achieve that. At the same moment he had the opportunity to move to London, and so the circle was completed. Lino studied economy and for many years he continues to travel all around Europe for his work, continuing exploring photography, shooting always and everywhere. Two main recommendations from his Master were driving Lino during his photography growth: the first was to have always a camera with him and the second was to be first of all passionate of photography and not “only” a salaried from photography, remaining free to shot without to have to accept professional compromise. So it has been. At the end of the summer 2004, Lino, for the first time, exhibits his street photography work in a collective Exhibition in Rome. The year 2005 was a very important moment for Lino who, in July went for the first time to Arles, at the “Rencontres photographiques”. Since then, he started to show his work to agencies and magazines, but always bearing in mind to remain free, respecting his passion first. In October, he was invited to a Jewish marriage and he decided to start a project on the Jewish story. The idea was to link the past with the present; images of joy, contrasting with the horror of the past, with the distress of the Concentration Camps. This project, later named “Links” from the American photographer Christopher Anderson (Magnumphotos agency) is still on going. In 2012 Lino exhibit in Munich and in Dachau, his KIDS Unposed Portraits project, a look to the world of kids. Today, Lino's photographic vision goes from Portrait to social reportage, passing through a daily street photography work. In 2015 Lino exhibit his reportage on Venice in the Leica Store in Zurich, were he also exhibit a reportage in Los Angeles and a series of B&W Portraits. He mainly shot in black & white, without cutting or editing from colors the pictures he finally consider eligible to be seen around. From 2002, Lino lives in Switzerland from where, he says: “you always need to leave for a journey and where is always nice to be back home”. From June 2017 he opened the StudioLSphotography.