1. TESTING two 28mmLenses

    30 Jul 2021
    Testing the differences between two 28 mm mounted on a Leica camera, shooting with Auto Exposure, the same ISO, same aperture. The LecaQ2 with his Summilux28 vs the LeicaM with a Voigtlander 28mmUltron. “You can choose what is your favorite image for each series”

  2. IN COLORS - CANNES 2021

    11 Jun 2021

  3. THE WOODS in B&W - Spring 2021

    15 May 2021


    22 Apr 2021

  5. 2020-2021 : The Suspended Life

    17 Apr 2021
    “In 2019, if somebody was telling me that my photography interests should completely change, as it did I would never have believed him…………………..”


    11 Apr 2021

  7. WAITING …….

    10 Apr 2021
    A way to shoot street photography is to find a place you find interesting (light, frame composition, background, foreground, atmosphere…..) and just wait that you like what you see!!

  8. THE UMBRELLA 2021

    14 Mar 2021
    While I was walking in the woods, with my camera, I found an umbrella……………

  9. Kodachrome 64

    09 Mar 2021
    The possibility to download from “Fuji X Weekly” the characteristics of original Kodachrome 64 Film in my FujiX100V pushed me to go back with memories and way to see the reality…..

  10. ISOLATION March20-March21

    15 Feb 2021
    During the last year my photography subjects completely changed, due to Covid-19 Isolation. In One year without travels and city reportage,  I always went walking in the places and fields close to my house photographing the natural changes of the landscapes. Instead of my usual people in B&W, I took…