1. PEOPLE under the SNOW - January 2019

    2019-01-12 10:13:05 UTC
    My Nikon D500 with a Tamron 18-400, the snow and my preferred unknown models………………..

  2. ALBINA at StudioLSphotography - 16/11/18

    2018-12-23 06:48:38 UTC
    When I portrait Saranda she came with her sister Albina. After few days Albina returned to my Studio.

  3. PARIS PHOTO 2018

    2018-11-10 10:48:09 UTC
    As usual, the best moment of the year to meet known and unknown people, photographers, friends, editors and gallery in Paris …………….

  4. SARANDA at StudioLSphotography 4/11/18

    2018-11-05 09:09:13 UTC
    I met Saranda at the ZFF 2018. She is a Security Guard. I asked her if she wanted to be photographed in my Studio and she accepted.

  5. ZFF 2018 - day ONE -

    2018-09-28 11:12:47 UTC
    Zurich Film Festival 2018 opened on September 27th …………

  6. PAOLO PELLEGRIN Exhibition : ANTARCTICA Bildhalle Zurich Opening on 29th and Artist talk on 30ty august 2018

    2018-08-30 03:29:10 UTC
    On August 29th and 30ty I met Paolo Pellegrin at the Bildhalle Gallery in Zurich, for the Opening Exhibition ANTARCTICA and Artist talk

  7. ANDY WARHOL 90th

    2018-08-23 06:48:05 UTC
    ANDY FOREVER………………

  8. BORN TO DANCE PROJECT continued…..

    2018-07-25 16:57:53 UTC
    On July 24th Galina Mihaylowa (Principal dancer at Opernhaus Zurich) and Gabriel Stoyanov ( Male soloist ballet dancer and ballet master) came to StudioLSphotography for a shooting……

  9. The AMERICAN WEDDING - May 26th 2018

    2018-07-21 16:14:16 UTC
    “Each time I am asked to photograph a wedding I need to make sure that I am not the only photographer. It is infact quite common to me to pay attention to people and things that are not the spouses, losing for this reason the topic moment of ceremony… here…


    2018-07-19 13:43:47 UTC
    I always like the idea to merge photos together but, as usual, I am not interested to perfection……..