1. My Nephews at StudioLSphotography

    15 May 2018
    Dim Thy and Alain came to Switzerland and we spent few hours in my Studio for a portrait shooting……….

  2. testing the Nikon PC-E 85mm f/2.8D Micro with the Nikon D850

    13 May 2018
    Photography borders are always a new exiting discovery………..


    23 Apr 2018
    While I was in Milan for the DESIGN WEEK, I took some photos on the street with a Leica Q…………

  4. ZURICH SECHSELAUTEN 2018 - 14,15 and 16 April

    17 Apr 2018
    After seven years from the last time I took photos at the Sechselauten, this year I went once more…….

  5. Testing Lens IRIX 11mm and 15mm

    12 Apr 2018
    On april 11th (sunny day with a CANON Eos5Ds and a IRIX 11mm) and 12th (cloudy day with a NIKON D850 and a IRIX 15mm)  I went on the street to test ultra-wide IRIX Lens. On the 12th, while I was shooting I met Chris, an old photographer I know…

  6. FREESTYLE project - 2018

    06 Apr 2018
    Today I went to the Freestyle-Park Allmend in Zurich to start my new Fashion project. I met two guys and I took few photos …just to start.

  7. JORINDE at StudioLSphotography

    31 Mar 2018
    Jorinde, actress, was in the Studio to renew her book

  8. NIKON D500 with Nikkor 10,5 2.8G

    23 Feb 2018
    Today, February 23rd 2018, it’s a very cold day, and I had the “great idea” to go in the wood close to my house to test the Nikkor 10,5. Few photos before to be frozen……………..


    13 Feb 2018
    today, after a long long time, I walked around with a Nikon D500 and the Tamron 18-400mm………………

  10. Shooting Marco Brida Outfits

    05 Feb 2018
    Fashion Shooting at StudioLSphotography with Sopi