2018-04-23 09:04:45 UTC
    While I was in Milan for the DESIGN WEEK, I took some photos on the street with a Leica Q…………

  2. ZURICH SECHSELAUTEN 2018 - 14,15 and 16 April

    2018-04-17 14:32:43 UTC
    After seven years from the last time I took photos at the Sechselauten, this year I went once more…….

  3. Testing Lens IRIX 11mm and 15mm

    2018-04-12 15:51:00 UTC
    On april 11th (sunny day with a CANON Eos5Ds and a IRIX 11mm) and 12th (cloudy day with a NIKON D850 and a IRIX 15mm)  I went on the street to test ultra-wide IRIX Lens. On the 12th, while I was shooting I met Chris, an old photographer I know…

  4. FREESTYLE project - 2018

    2018-04-06 14:37:08 UTC
    Today I went to the Freestyle-Park Allmend in Zurich to start my new Fashion project. I met two guys and I took few photos …just to start.

  5. JORINDE at StudioLSphotography

    2018-03-31 07:41:36 UTC
    Jorinde, actress, was in the Studio to renew her book

  6. NIKON D500 with Nikkor 10,5 2.8G

    2018-02-23 16:47:07 UTC
    Today, February 23rd 2018, it’s a very cold day, and I had the “great idea” to go in the wood close to my house to test the Nikkor 10,5. Few photos before to be frozen……………..


    2018-02-13 17:43:14 UTC
    today, after a long long time, I walked around with a Nikon D500 and the Tamron 18-400mm………………

  8. Shooting Marco Brida Outfits

    2018-02-05 15:27:15 UTC
    Fashion Shooting at StudioLSphotography with Sopi

  9. KANA at StudioLSphotography

    2018-01-31 17:36:45 UTC

  10. Four Portraits in January 2018

    2018-01-22 14:48:17 UTC