1. April 26th SNOW

    26 Apr 2017
    “Today morning I woke up and as it was incredibly snowing, I had a coffee and took some photos”  NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600 NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600


    25 Apr 2017
    It was 2012 and I spent few days in Southampton, NY State. This photos are a part of the full work that will be exhibited in the second half of 2016 in Zurich.

  3. AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR

    24 Apr 2017
    I have been asked to test the NEW Nikkor Lens with a D5: here few photos in B&W


    22 Apr 2017
    Streetphotography in Zurich is always a challenge. Even if you hold an anonimous Leica, people always look at you suspicious as soon you point them with the lens. Now I found a very confortable way to shoot without that my photo is ruined by the bad look of the people…

  5. JUST RELAXING before going shooting

    22 Apr 2017

  6. LIO MOREIRA - Portrait of a Musician

    12 Apr 2017
    After the studio portrait, we went out with Hélio and his wife Malu and their daughter Thais, to continue the shooting outdoors, in town.

  7. MULHOUSE in a sunny friday

    07 Apr 2017

  8. Les Rencontres de la photographie de Arles

    04 Apr 2017
    From my Archive: it was june 2006, I was in Arles with my first Digital Leica…. the DIGILUX2. I was in Place de la Republique and while people was watching on a big screen in the Square the football match France-Portugal (2006 world cup), I was ignoring the match and…


    30 Mar 2017

  10. the sculptures by Adriano De Angelis

    22 Mar 2017
    CINECITTÁ STUDIOS - reportage 2012