1. April 26th SNOW

    2017-04-26 12:52:45 UTC
    “Today morning I woke up and as it was incredibly snowing, I had a coffee and took some photos”  NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON CooplixAW130 NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600 NIKON D5 with TAMRON 150-600


    2017-04-25 06:58:21 UTC
    It was 2012 and I spent few days in Southampton, NY State. This photos are a part of the full work that will be exhibited in the second half of 2016 in Zurich.

  3. AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR

    2017-04-24 09:53:35 UTC
    I have been asked to test the NEW Nikkor Lens with a D5: here few photos in B&W


    2017-04-22 17:37:30 UTC
    Streetphotography in Zurich is always a challenge. Even if you hold an anonimous Leica, people always look at you suspicious as soon you point them with the lens. Now I found a very confortable way to shoot without that my photo is ruined by the bad look of the people…

  5. JUST RELAXING before going shooting

    2017-04-22 08:00:15 UTC

  6. LIO MOREIRA - Portrait of a Musician

    2017-04-12 04:34:16 UTC
    After the studio portrait, we went out with Hélio and his wife Malu and their daughter Thais, to continue the shooting outdoors, in town.

  7. MULHOUSE in a sunny friday

    2017-04-07 17:40:02 UTC

  8. Les Rencontres de la photographie de Arles

    2017-04-04 06:51:00 UTC
    From my Archive: it was june 2006, I was in Arles with my first Digital Leica…. the DIGILUX2. I was in Place de la Republique and while people was watching on a big screen in the Square the football match France-Portugal (2006 world cup), I was ignoring the match and…


    2017-03-30 14:56:00 UTC

  10. the sculptures by Adriano De Angelis

    2017-03-22 12:06:00 UTC
    CINECITTÁ STUDIOS - reportage 2012