08 Apr 2020
    Last year, on April 8th 2019, the Zurich People celebrated their traditional Spring Festival. This year, on April 8th 2020, we celebrate our quarantine period and we stay at home!

  2. a photo a day keep the ……. VIRUS away

    08 Apr 2020


    07 Apr 2020
    “At the time of Covid-19, my photography style is quite difficult to achieve. I should take care about me and my wife so better to stay away from - the others -. At this time I cannot shoot a portrait or use a wide angle or a 35mm lens to…

  4. Galleria Borghese - Roma October 2019

    05 Apr 2020

  5. Non-Catholic CEMETERY- Rome 2009

    03 Apr 2020

  6. TED and DANA promenade…………

    02 Apr 2020
    While people stay at home for the Covid-19, Ted and Dana walked around in the land………..

  7. APRIL 2020 project (2)

    02 Apr 2020

  8. APRIL 2020 project

    01 Apr 2020
    Due to Covid-19 the month of march 2020 is gone so fast to be forgotten very soon. In April 2020 I’ll create a photo a day using my photos archive and new Post production software …………. This will help me at least to remember the new incoming month!!

  9. Domaine de Chantilly - July 31th 2015

    25 Mar 2020
    “I think there are millions of touristic pics of this place I visited in 2015 …… better playing with post-production!!”

  10. Winds of Freedom

    22 Mar 2020
    “Lisbon October 2016 - during a week I spent in Lisbon for a Workshop, I had the opportunity to know the town with a painter, friend of mine, meeting also other incredible artists………….”