2020-04-07 17:28:14 UTC
    “At the time of Covid-19, my photography style is quite difficult to achieve. I should take care about me and my wife so better to stay away from - the others -. At this time I cannot shoot a portrait or use a wide angle or a 35mm lens to…

  2. Galleria Borghese - Roma October 2019

    2020-04-05 10:02:49 UTC

  3. Non-Catholic CEMETERY- Rome 2009

    2020-04-03 13:44:39 UTC

  4. TED and DANA promenade…………

    2020-04-02 16:57:59 UTC
    While people stay at home for the Covid-19, Ted and Dana walked around in the land………..

  5. APRIL 2020 project (2)

    2020-04-02 08:55:20 UTC

  6. APRIL 2020 project

    2020-04-01 17:08:37 UTC
    Due to Covid-19 the month of march 2020 is gone so fast to be forgotten very soon. In April 2020 I’ll create a photo a day using my photos archive and new Post production software …………. This will help me at least to remember the new incoming month!!

  7. Domaine de Chantilly - July 31th 2015

    2020-03-25 17:08:09 UTC
    “I think there are millions of touristic pics of this place I visited in 2015 …… better playing with post-production!!”

  8. Winds of Freedom

    2020-03-22 17:34:12 UTC
    “Lisbon October 2016 - during a week I spent in Lisbon for a Workshop, I had the opportunity to know the town with a painter, friend of mine, meeting also other incredible artists………….”

  9. PHOTO ARCHIVE ….. worked and workerd again!!

    2020-03-18 17:22:27 UTC

  10. HUGS Memories

    2020-03-18 09:24:46 UTC
    ………at the time of COVID-19 [image-vertical: fingerprint-]