1. Winds of Freedom

    22 Mar 2020
    “Lisbon October 2016 - during a week I spent in Lisbon for a Workshop, I had the opportunity to know the town with a painter, friend of mine, meeting also other incredible artists………….”

  2. PHOTO ARCHIVE ….. worked and workerd again!!

    18 Mar 2020

  3. HUGS Memories

    18 Mar 2020
    ………at the time of COVID-19 [image-vertical: fingerprint-]

  4. la FOTOGRAFIA ai tempi del Corona Virus

    16 Mar 2020
    … ogni tanto parlare la madre lingua non guasta !!!


    16 Mar 2020
    TIME GOES BY….. at HOME!!

  6. PHOTO ARCHIVE at the time of CoronaVirus

    15 Mar 2020
    “In this moments better to stay at home working old photos I choose from my Archive …………”

  7. ROMA

    11 Mar 2020
    “During 2009 I went three times to Cinecitta’ Studios in Rome for my project True Lies. I shoot photos on the set of ROMA, an American series produced for TV. The initial editing of that work was requested in colors. Now, after 11 years I worked the files again, but…


    10 Mar 2020
    “I have been in Berlin several times after 1989 and each time I discover new places to photograph. Here I was to the East Side Gallery, an open space museum with 1,3Km of the Wall still standing” [image-vertical: fingerprint-]


    09 Mar 2020
    “……….and now it’s a good time to work on the Photo Archive ………..”


    06 Mar 2020
    “I started editing my photo-archive 2019, simulating old films with EXPOSURE X5…………… here the first result using photos I shoot in  Fiumicino (February 2019), Zurich (May 2019) and Rome (October 2019) ” [image-vertical: fingerprint-]